Friday, August 24, 2012

Pillows, Patterns and Purple cats.

My dad is an interior design enthusiast, or to be more exact, an interior design SHOP enthusiast! You wouldn't be able to tell from his living room though (except for maybe our crazy yellow closet and remarkable chairs), but with those crazy prices going on you can't really expect him to be swimming around in designer furniture and other homewares. Anyway, he's kind of dragging me along with him! When I recently saw the Depot Design interior shop I KNEW we were going to have to pay a visit to it together.

It was like going to a museum! So much prettiness and inspiration!
I loved all the random pillows they had lying around everywhere.
I want a real purple kitty like that!
Neon pink, pretty patterns and illustrated pillows!
This cross-stitch wallpaper has to be one of the best things ever.
Pretty wild lamp.
Round shapes everywhere! And my dream chair on the right.
Cutesie cups!
You can put stuff in these lamps! So awesome!
This little guy was kindly willing to pose for me.
Okay so I'll never fill my couch with 300 euro pillows, but I sure don't mind going by this shop more often n.n

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