Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sayonara Summer

My summer has almost come to an end! The last two months flew by. Today I'll be going back to my own little place and I'm very happy to. One thing I've realized this summer is that I'm not supposed to be living with my mom or dad anymore. Even though I love them very much, it's no good for me anymore being there for a long time.
Anyway! I've decided to put all the drawings and such I made this summer together in a nice folder (since they're all loose papers -.-) I'm proud of the fact I actually managed to fill up the whole thing (40 pages)!
Kitty everywhere!
croissants and lemonade.
Finally made a nice little cover for my previous diary.
Copying Sanrio characters to practise my kawaii character skills!
And I'm gonna end this post with a song by Plastic Tree. One of their songs popped up while my music was on shuffle and I was instantly hooked again. Don't you just love it when that happens?