Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catching Fire: Finnick!

Just a quick little Hunger Games related post, just because :)
And now finally, the actor for Finnick in The Hunger Games' Catching Fire has been chosen! Let me present to you:
Sam Claflin
Am I pleased? Well, first off, I have to say that the picture they chose to post on Facebook is absolutely horrible and I was really disappointed at first. Was this really that drop dead gorgeous man? BUT then I Googled him and I was like:
And now that it has sunk in I'm actually super excited! I can't say he's the most mindblowingly handsome man I've ever seen, nah, but he does kinda fit with the image in my head while I was reading the books. Lets hope his acting won't ruin everything. At least I'm very thankful they haven't picked some washed up Disney star or *GASP* Robert Pattinson (no offence. I was obsessed with him before the whole Twilight drama, but no. Just no.). Or Chris Hemsworth, ha, that would've been hilarious (since Liam Hemsworth plays Gale).

I am very pleased with the cast so far! They're doing a pretty good job in my opinion. Now we just wait until Catching Fire comes out. Until then I'll just have to keep re-watching the Hunger Games DVD. Oh the horror.

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