Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ninjas are delicious!

Current loves...
This cute card + drawings
Like I said in my last post I had sent out some postcards the other day, and today I got this super cute card from my sister! And it also came with some drawings by my baby nephew. I love getting drawings from kids.
Baking Ninja sugar cookies
I got these ninja cookie cutters for my redditgifts secret santa swap, but still hadn't used them! I was procrastinating really bad and even decided to make sugar cookies just so I wouldnt have to do my homework. This recipe is amazing. All ninjas disappeared really quickly, like ninjas should. I used this recipe for them, and it's the best I've used so far!
Quinoa with veggies + tomato sauce and fresh basil
I don't know what it is about this combo, but it's absolutely delicious. I just cut up random fresh veggies, cook some quinoa, throw it all together in a pan with some tomato sauce and top it off with some fresh basil. Honestly, the smell of fresh basil has made me feel very happy lately. It's amazing.
Pretty flowers randomly landing on my balcony
I have no idea where it came from, but it probably felt attracted to the pinkness of my room.
Watching movies
Recently I've been more into... violent movies. Maybe even a bit gorey. I'm not big on nasty horror movies where they do all this... nasty stuff. But I don't mind some gunshots or a little (okay maybe more than a little)
bleeding. So these movies aren't for the faint hearted c:

God Bless America
Grace talked about this on her blog and it looked so awesome I watched it as soon as I had the chance. I was not disappointed. It was amazing. If you're ever annoyed with all those stupid people in the world, just go watch this movie and you'll feel much better.

Red State
This was recommended to me like... ever since it came out. Lots of 'Noooooooo!' moments. In a way it's a very frustrating and nerve wrecking movie, but in a 'healthy' way. The end was my favorite (and not because the movie had ended lol)

Winter's Bone
In my opinion this is like Jennifer Lawrence playing Katniss Everdeen before the Hunger Games came out. It's a great movie. A little disturbing at times, but I personally liked that. It's what they call an 'indie movie' so it's not for everyone.
Little sketch I made while watching Winter's Bone
I finally get to go home again tomorrow! It'll be good to get out of here for a couple of days without too much homework on my mind...


  1. love the sketch! love the whole post x)

  2. Wow! I really like love your blog! Omg everything is so cute, I wish you made a room tour in picures or something! ^^
    Take care :)


  3. Aww that postcard is so sweet! Everything looks delicious by the way *O* (pss Im glad you're taking some days off, enjoy them as much as you can! :3)


  4. @Anonymous Thank you so much Miriam! <3 Since my room is finally coming together I might do that sometime soon!

  5. Oh, I love food posts!
    Delicious ninjas look delicious! As did the quinoa with veggies. I really like quinoa, I should eat it more often.
    Also, those are all great movies! YAY!

  6. That card is sooooooo cute! You've got a cool sister!