Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glasses Girl!

I love my glasses. Trust me though, this wasn't always the case. I thought my life had basically come to an end when I found out I needed glasses. I was about 10/11 years old and was constantly squinting my eyes in class. I had no idea it wasn't meant to be that hard to read what was on the board! But my teacher told me soon enough and yes, it turned out my eyesight was horrible.

But since I didn't want glasses, I got the tiniest, thinnest, most invisible (and actually, most ridiculous and geeky) pair of frames I could find. Nobody even noticed I was wearing them. But eventually I got more daring and later I got red frames, blue frames and eventually black until the ones I have now.

I'm bored of my current ones though. I decided on them way too quickly back then and they never quite fit right and still make me dizzy sometimes. Believe it or not but up until now I never realized I could find the greatest frames online! Aaahh! These are some of my favorites...
I'm really attracted to cat eye/butterfly frames right now, if you couldn't tell already. And I love those little hearts on the sides! For now I'll just be daydreaming about them though since I've gotta save up money for Christmas and such.


  1. I love the black cat eye ones in the top right especially!

    I was the same way about glasses. We found out I needed them when my mom asked me to tell her what a street sign said and I couldn't read it until we were about two feet away.
    When I got my glasses I was like "OH MY GOD. THE WORLD IS SO CLEAR! I CAN SEE THE LEAVES ON THAT TREE!" I thought everyone saw trees as big green blobs. I kept pointing out small things I could see on the way home. Good times. I love your glasses, by the way.

  2. @GraceOMG yes the leaves on the trees!! One of the best moments ever.

  3. Ik droeg een bril toen ik 3 tot 12 was ): Toen wilde ik geen bril meer en deed hm af.. een paar jaar later vond ik brillen awesome.. maar de opticien vertelde me toen dat ik eigenlijk helemaal geen bril nodig heb boohoo D:

  4. @MarazzA Je kan altijd nog een hipsterbril zonder sterkte nemen!! Haha :P