Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Sweethearts

Sunday Sweethearts...
Last Friday we actually had a perfect fall day going on! Perfect timing since I had planned to visit my brother that day and go to the woods. It's nice to see my baby nephew more often now, even though he wasn't really feeling like going to the woods that day. ANYHOW: The trees were so magical!
Auntie Sarah, pretty trees and fancy (expensive) vanilla chai tea!
♥ Caramelised Pear Tea ♥ Palmer's Dark Chocolate & Cherry lip balm ♥ coconut bars ♥ late night train rides ♥ Reading 'The Help'  Rockabilly ladies My Fall/Winter fashion inspiration board  This adorably delicious illustration...
Hope you'll have just as much of a good Sunday as that little bunny. c:


  1. Those pictures are fantastic! The Help is a great book, and vanilla chai tea is only the best thing ever.

  2. The pictures are beautiful, and your inspiration board rocks! I loved most of it!
    By the way, could you send me an email with your future xmas or december address? I am finishing my christmas presents (quite early this year x3) and I don't know where to send it haha :]