Wednesday, November 21, 2012

♥ Wednesday I'm in love with... ♥

Wednesday I'm in love with...
Ellen Degeneres! I'm probably pretty late on this one, but OMG I love her! I've been watching random parts of her show while doing homework (and eating and getting ready and right when I wake up and before I go to sleep..c:) I started off today by watching this one, and you should too!
'It's Britney, bitch!'
Ugh. I'm lusting over all the chococat stuff!

This gif. I love it for way too many reasons.

I love this lady. So much. She says everything in this video I've been wanting to say, but haven't been able to put this words quite as amazing as she did. Just watch it and you'll feel so much better about life.

This girl's outfit. There's something about the combination of plaid shirts with denim jackets and tights I love so so much! AND TEDDY SNEAKERS. Effortlessly cute!

I'm planning on doing an art post VERY SOON! I feel like I finally have some stuff I think is worthy enough to put on here n.n Just got to finish some things and put it together nicely. Now I'm off for school and then I'm off shopping for christmas cards, maybe some presents already and see if the department stores already have some of their awesome christmassy stuff out! Have a great Wednesday!

Gaah I was convinced it was Tuesday today but it's NOT! Duh. Excuse me for my lack of day correctness skills.

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  1. Well, all of this was fantastic. I do especially love Ellen though, she's awesome.