Thursday, December 20, 2012

Present wrapping inspiration

Happy holidays! Wow I am SO happy not having school for two weeks. A much needed little break n.n I think I said the other day I was done Christmas shopping, but that was a BIG lie. I did basically everything today. It was so much fun! I constantly wished the rain would turn into snow though..

I'm no good at wrapping presents though, but I feel like I'm getting better at it every day! If you're a wrapping noob like me, here's a little inspiration!

A couple of my gifts are DIY gift jars with some people's favorite cookies or christmas tea. It's so cute and easy (and inexpensive!) and looks great with a nice christmassy ribbon with a tag tied around it. My wisdom for christmas shopping is: food is always good. If I don't know what to get someone I just get them some of their favorite snacks/candy/etc. and wrap it up nicely.


  1. I think I've got all of my Christmas shopping done, but I'm also making a bunch of stuff and it's a ton of fun!