Thursday, February 14, 2013

♥ Artsy Valentine ♥

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Thank you to everyone who signed up for my Valentine's Day card project! I hope all the cards arrived on time... Anyway, here is a little art project I thought would be appropiate to share on Valentine's Day!

I recently took a class focusing on electronics mixed with light, motion, sound etc. It was pretty interesting and challenging! I decided to make take 'Princess and the Frog' as my concept, except I changed the frog to a fish, because of reasons. The idea is that you move and princess and the fish together so the heart is whole and they kiss. Then, when you press the heart, the prince will light up! 
Omg it's like magic!
Hope you'll have a great and lovely day!


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Thanks so much for your sweet card! I saw your sister yesterday, when she came by to show off little Julia. Your sis can be so funny. She probably told you tons of horrible stories about me. (most of which are NOT true!)
    Anyway, I think your blog is great and your art style is really good. Especially your photography. You really have an eye for details!
    Enjoy your Valentine's Day!

  2. That is so beautiful, I love the concept ^^
    Thank you for the pretty card by the way!