Wednesday, February 6, 2013

First Polaroid! Aaaah! ♥

OMG you guys! Isn't it awesome? Eeehh! Okay, so I probably shouldn't be so excited about such a generic photograph but honestly, this camera makes everything look a hundred times more awesome

I was super duper nervous taking my very first photograph with my new Instax mini 7S (at first only the dummy polaroid thing came out, so I had to be nervous all over again) but now I just want to instax mini everything in sight. If only film for it wasn't so expensive... Maybe I'll just make it a weekly thing, if I can contain myself that is...


  1. It looks so cool! I always wanted a polaroid camera, it totally rocks! n.n


  2. Polaroids are just so fantastic! They absolutely do make everything look way cooler.