Friday, March 1, 2013

*Neon Pink Unicorns and Muffin tea*

Things making me happy...

My ridiculously awesome unicorn earrings

Gossip's 'Get a Job' video
Greatest video I have seen in a while!

I've been obsessed with lollipops lately. They work stress relieving somehow.
Blueberry Muffin tea
Smells and (almost) tastes exactly like the real thing! Delicious!

My new bright pink dumbells
My very first dumbell set! It's a total coincidence they're bright pink. They were exactly the weight I wanted and the cheapest available option c: buhbye waterbottles, hello dying arms!
amazing creatures
This is the Glaucus Atlanticus sea slug. Can you believe this beauty is real?
A cute postcard + new glittery purple flower hairclips!

And also: the scarf my mom knitted for me in the most perfect color  Putting together and sending out my gift for the Redditgifts snack exchange  the sunshine! ♥ cute lingerie ♥ a kid in town wearing a spiderman costume ♥ trying out the new Furby at the toystore!

Happy March to you! Are you also so ready for the cold to be over and spring to get here already?


  1. Lotje en ik hebben hem in de pauze ook even gescoord, die Blueberry Muffin thee. Reuze benieuwd!

  2. Alrighty, we hebben hem getest! Lotje vindt hem heerlijk. Van mij had er iets meer muffinsmaak aan mogen zitten. Genoeg blueberry, te weinig vanille!

    Lotje says hi (btw)

  3. @Mischa en Lotje Hi!! Haha leuk zo'n uitgebreid testpanel! :D