Thursday, February 28, 2013

Out of the Ordinary

I have always been the odd one out. From the moment I came onto this world with unusual bright red hair to my hot pink hair today. But it's not just because of my hair that I consider myself as 'out of the ordinary'. I can't really put my finger on what really makes me feel 'different'. I just always have and still do.

Lately though, I feel like I have been extensively exploring the more 'mainstream'... stuff. I say stuff because it's just SO MANY THINGS. I have come to enjoy happy, bubbly pop songs and Taylor Swift, been trying out all kinds of beauty products recommended by popular 'beauty gurus' on youtube, explored the world of more neutral colors in clothing and make-up and the like. Ok, you get the idea. Now all of this is great. But now, after a long time of exploring I'm starting to feel like all I'm striving for now is to be deemed 'normal' and have as many people as possible 'like' me or not make remarks about me, because I don't stand out. This is not good.
Obviously, with my pink hair I get comments and remarks thrown at me at least once every day and this can be very tiring sometimes (but I'm NOT complaining about this because I know I shouldn't expect to go unnoticed with my hair). Sometimes I don't want to stand out and wish I could just walk down the street without everyone staring at me. I just want to be NORMAL, whatever that might mean.

Since a couple of days I've been feeling more confident again though. This exploration of the mainstream culture was interesting, but at the same time so boring. Hooray for quirkyness! Yay to music about zombies and ridiculous neon pink unicorn earrings! And lots of love to my pink hair! Those are things I love and I should let nobody influence what I should and shouldn't like to be deemed 'acceptable' for this society. It's a shame (but at the same time makes total sense) that the majority of people still judge others on their appearance. Most people probably won't regard me as a good employee or serious/intelligent/nice person just because of how I look. It's a shame, but that's just how it is and I'm going to have to deal with that.

On the subject of judging books by their covers, here is a great Tedtalk by model Cameron Russell.

I don't know exactly where I was planning on going with this post, but I think the main point I want to make is: 
There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving things that might be deemed 'mainstream', but also don't be afraid to show your love for things that might be a little bit out of the ordinary (unless it's something nasty, then... just keep it to yourself n.n). Don't apologize for being happy or feel ashamed because you like a certain something. Guilty Pleasures are silly. We should all just be able to tell each other our so called guilty pleasures and laugh about them. A couple of mine are eating peanut butter out of the jar with a spoon and licking the bowl when I had a delicious dessert (yeah most of them are food related..)

If you show passion and enthusiasm for the things you love, others might show some appreciation and interest also! And if not, that's totally fine because nobody else has to love it but you!


  1. She really inspired me for a speech I had to give last week, thank you!