Thursday, April 25, 2013

The best Green Chai Tea and Fancy Kitties

Oh pretty daffodils!
Hello there lovelies! Last weekend I finally got to relax for a little bit again and went over to visit my family. I'm homesick far less than last year, but after like.. two months without seeing a 'familair face' I can get pretty down. And luckily, I'm from an island so it's like an actual holiday! It's an awesome feeling getting on that ferry and just really truly be away for a couple of days. As usual, I took a bunch of pictures!
The beach! It may not look like it but it was soooooo cold.
The greatest green chai tea EVER. I always get this tea when I'm having tea at the beach.
Found these fancy kitties while shopping!
Mmmmmm freshly baked bread... I wish I could eat this for the rest of my life.
My mom got me some cute goodies! Can't wait to try out those egg shapers n.n
Purple glittery bouncy ball *_*
Berriesberriesberries. My latest obsession. No berries are safe from me.
Got my niece some cute little goodies for her birthday!
Other loves: hot pink tissue paper ♥ soy yogurt - ohmy, it is the greatest thing ever  not having to wear a coat ♥ a week of no school ♥ my new gigantic (secondhand) iPod!  flowers/floral everything  rows and rows of colorful embroidery thread

I can't wait for this weekend and my week off following that! I really need a short break from school. Going to celebrate it with a loooong lunch tomorrow with some friends and hopefully some fabulous weather! Do you have any fun plans?


  1. That tea!! Where is it from?! It looks amazing. I have those egg shapers, too!

    xx MaDonna

  2. @MaDonna Flowers I wish I knew! When I asked the waiter what brand tea it was he just said it's from their own personal supplier and he couldn't remember the brand. But I will unravel this mystery some day...

  3. It looks like fun! And everything looks so cute in your pictures n.n Berries aren't safe from me neither haha I hope you enjoy it! :3


  4. Chai tea is only the best thing ever, and those kittens are adorable! It's good that you got to see your family, being homesick sucks.