Friday, April 26, 2013

Peaches and pink, sparkly cowgirls.

I need this, gigantic sized, right on my door. More than not I need a reminder that you can't please everyone. That you can't have everybody like you. And that this is totally fine. I do want to add to this though, that I wish people could be more respectful. I mean, I am totally fine with you not liking me or my style, but that's your taste and opinion and not a fact. I am still a human being, and I deserve to be treated with respect. Just because you don't like someone or something doesn't mean you can't appreciate or acknowledge their qualities, bravery or just the fact that, they too, get through this pretty tough thing called life every single day.

But ok, coming back to Dita, my friend Alexandra recently noted me about Dita being in 30 seconds to Mars' latest music video Up In the Air and per usual, she looks like a total babe. Seriously though: pink, glitter, gorgeous lingerie and cowgirls = everything I lovelovelove!

Have a wonderful weekend and keep sparkling! Let's celebrate it Taylor style!


  1. That's some thing in my mind too 'stop pleasing people' not everyone will like you, but here's the mayor point, some should learn what respect is.
    And oh well, Dita is stunning, always.*O*

  2. Such a great quote! I have a really hard time with that actually. I hate it so much if someone doesn't like me! Dita Von Teese is a gorgeous lady.