Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bold, bright, fun and little bit more ladylike.

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Today I dug into a bit of my savings to go for a little shopping spree. Even though I know I should be saving money, I just really needed it to lift my spirits and have myself a little make-over! I was seriously getting so down by having hardly any clothing that fits the kind of person I want to be right now. I want to be bold, bright, fun and little bit more ladylike. Right now Im hugely inspired by Kate Spade and Gala Darling which results in clothing in black and hot pink, animal print and bold patterns! For lots of people Springtime is the time to reinvent yourself, do make-overs, spring cleaning! And I am also that kind of person.

I also went to smell some perfumes and I'm head over heals in love with Prada's Candy. Not only the scent, but also the packaging. I just can't stop sniffing my wrists right now! I haven't run out of my Katy Perry Purrrrfume yet though, so I couldn't justify buying it... And I also kinda want the Taylor Swift Wonderstruck. Oh decisions decisions..

Even though you can't buy happiness, this definitely had an enormous positive effect on my mood n.n I felt so intensely happy walking around the city I call home now, browsing the shops, looking at all the gorgeous items and fun prints and fresh fruit stalls, accompanied by the loveliest sunshine ever.

Maybe I'll take some pictures of all my stuff later, or you will just see it pop up in some of my pictures in the future ♡♡


  1. Sometimes going shopping just helps so much! I don't know why, but it does. If I wasn't broke I would dress like Gala Darling all the time!

  2. @Grace Evans I know! Her style is just the greatest n.n