Monday, April 29, 2013

Spring, spice and everything nice.

Some snap-shots of the past few days! As usual filled with pink, glitter, food and art. Aaaalll the loves of my life.
Moodboard in progress
Precious new cute bracelets!
BEAUTIFUL pink and blue sunset
 Banana chips and almond butter 
Random fun painting!
Playing around with hair and make-up (。・ε・。)
a pretty mess.
Omnomnom veggie eggie dinner!

Are you ready for the new week? I totally am! This spring weather gives me some kind of magical high and I hope it will last for a looooooong time. Keep sparkling!


  1. those bracelets! and that salad looks delicious :9

  2. I love those bracelets! Especially the pink sculls.