Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday's Song: Nana ♥

Today I went to a Japanese Market and while stopping at every stall marvelling at all the adorable (and delicious) things, my eye also caught some Nana manga. Unfortunately I couldn't get anything because I'm broker than broke, but I was instantly reminded of this beautiful song and have been listening to it  again non-stop ever since. It always makes me want to cry, not only because it reminds me of Nana itself but also because of the beautiful lyrics.

Travel to the moon
The dream where you first appeared fades out
The light of the star, I longed for is taken away
The smile I had to forget in order to be strong,
For sure if we're together, we can take it back
Open your eyes
I'm here waiting for you
Even if the future is different from now
I'm here waiting for you
I keep on screaming
I'm sure all I have to do
Is pull in the thread that connects our hearts
So the person I was back then
Would open her eyes
No need to cry
Travel in silence
I can reach you if I stretch out my hands
The only memory I have of you
Is so far away

Aaaah and look at these cute Nana cosplays! ♥
Oosaki Nana by Yabesuke
Photo byKazuya22.
Nana's cosplayed by Zerotaros and 小松奈々.
I want to go to Japan so badly again now (not like I usually don't feel like that..)! And I want to cosplay! And I want to make more friends who are interested in Japanese pop culture. Whenever I go to a Japanese themed event (markets, concerts etc.) everyone is always so nice. I was so jealous of everyone's awesome costumes and gorgeous dresses. There was actually someone who wanted to take a picture of me, but honestly, I felt super dull and uninteresting compared to all those cosplayers and lolita girls (ノ◕﹏◕)ノ

Japan, I love you.


  1. Guess what? I still haven't watched this anime u.u Japan is inspiring, my brother is planning a trip there next march, I'm so jealous >.<
    By the way people also stop me down the street to take pics or even to ask me to model when I dress up in my gothic-lolita-classy clothes haha its so weird, but I'm sure your hair in real life looks lovely ^^


  2. @Alexandra Aaaah you should definitely watch it! Like, right now u.u

    And I'm not surprised because your style is awesome! It's kinda nice though, right? Almost makes you feel like a superstar 8D