Tuesday, June 11, 2013

♥ Fun Mail from Spain ♥

Mail is the greatest thing ever (unless we're talking about bills of course.) And one of my favorite people to receive mail from is my Spanish friend Alex! She always has the greatest, sweetest and most creative packages and today I want to share one with you I received last weekend n.n
Greatness covered in tape!
Oh hello there strange JigglyPuff creature/
She made these awesome glittery Harry Potter potion bottles herself *_* so cool!
This Lalaloopsie figurine reminded her of me. I can only dream of being this cute and pink 24/7. She is now hanging out with my miniature cake and ice cream.
A gorgeous locket with a butterfly.
Some other random trinkets! That yellow bottle is vanilla scented moisturiser and it's like you slatter vanilla cake batter all over yourself. It's amazing.

Super creepy/cute choker! I feel like a badass girl from Harajuku when I wear it ^.^
Thank you so much again Alex! I'm trying my hardest to send you something again too as soon as possible c: She has an awesome Tumblr right here!

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