Friday, June 7, 2013

Lemony, Flirty and Sushi.

Another picture post just because I feel like it! It all of a sudden got super duper hot here and I'm having kind of a love/hate relationship with it right now. Walking around in the city now is almost unbearable, but it does lend itself for delicious ice cream and other summery treats n.n

I got some random stuff the other day. Hello Kitty biscuits, Lush's Lemony Flutter (love!!), a sample of Lush imperialis face cream (which I MUST get once I run out of my usual one), my favorite incense and some Moroccan Argan oil for my hair (and I'm now obsessed with that stuff, it's soooooo good for my dry ends!)
The holy Lemony Flutter.
Made some delicious avocado/egg/cucumber sandwiches n.n
I also finally got all the stuff I needed to start printing my shirts! I used transfers for now, but seeing everything come alive got me really excited to continue working on t-shirt designs and find ways to get them printed in higher quality <3 br="">
Labels for my shirts from the magical sewing machine!
Cutting all day every day.
Quick sushi dinner ^.^
First top done!
All tops are done now, but I'm going to try doing a little photoshoot with them before sharing all of them. Have a great weekend!!

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