Thursday, July 25, 2013

Belgium Roadtrip Summer 2013: PART 2

- WARNING: you'll gain at least 5 pounds just from looking at the pictures in this post -

The most impressive part for me (and lots of other tourists) was 'Grote Markt' (Grand Place). There were lots of gorgeous buildings adorned with gold and there were also a lot of amazing, delicious shop windows. It was like... Willy Wonka street.
Giant Merengues.
Macarons in all colors (and flavors) of the rainbow!
I squeeled a little bit when I saw the next store... If this truly was Willy Wonka street, this is where he would live. And I would marry him in a heartbeat.

It also reminded me a bit of Harry Potter's Honeydukes! The walls were filled with all kinds of candy and colors, and there were baskets overflowing with candy and cookies. When we came in, a lady gave us a delicious scrumptious cookie with a soft chocolate filling to try, and I almost died. It was delicious.

Cookies. So many cookies.

It was a little expensive, but we just had to get something. I decided on a toffee with a nougat heart and rose flavored/colored nougat. Once again, they were both delicious.

A picture of the Grand Place
Fancy green tea
Waffles are very famous in Belgium. You haven't visited Belgium if you haven't had a waffle. The traditional onces are just with powdered sugar and eaten with a fork. These are the crazy (expensive) touristy waffles, which we didn't get, but they sure were worth a photograph.

Manneken Pis made out of chocolate. Interesting!
Yummy home made paƫlla back at the hostel.
End of part two! Did I make you hungry yet?

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