Friday, July 26, 2013

Belgium Roadtrip Summer 2013: PART 3

Traditional Japanese style + rococo = pure perfection in my book, and I found this pure perfection in Brussels at the Museum of the Far East. This museum consists of three buildings: the Japanese Tower, the Chinese pavillion and the museum of Japanese art. These buildings were build in the 20th century for King Leopold II, designed by Alexandre Marcel. He was a French architect who hired French and Belgian craftsmen for the execution of the buildings, but also got decorative elements from China and Japan. This resulted in a wonderful mix of both French and Far East architectural wonderfulness!

The gardens were simply wonderful. I could only dream of having a garden like this someday.. It felt like I was right in Japan.

This building was so impressive (all of them were though!). It must've taken ages to add all that detail! Maybe it's a little over the top for some, but I think it's SO much over the top that it works! Go big or go home.

 The first building we entered was the Japanese Tower. Both my mom and I were speachless when we entered. It was so beautiful. You could only go up to the second level of the tower, because if you went any higher people would be able to look into the king's garden, since he lives right next door. Such a shame.

Gorgeous traditional Japanese stained glass everywhere...

How awesome is this ceiling?
 Next, we went to the Chinese pavillion. This is where you could really see the Japanese x rococo style!

Inside you could mainly look at the various Chinese porselain collections, which were very beautiful. I felt like a princess just walking through these rooms...

Upstairs was even prettier! I went from feeling like a princess to feeling like Marie Antoinette!

There were lots of pretty teapots and tea sets up for display!

I have no idea who this lady is, but she sure fits right in with the interior!

I had always wanted to walk down a staircase like this. It was like the scene from Beauty and the Beast
(minus the beast, ballgown and singing teapot, unfortunately)
The last building, the Japanese art museum wasn't very interesting. The only thing I liked there were some pretty kimonos. But yeah, I didn't take any pictures there. If you're ever in Brussels, I highly recommend visiting this museum!

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