Saturday, July 27, 2013

Belgium Roadtrip Summer 2013: PART 4

Lots of tea drinking was required for this post!
Besides my tea, I also LOVE a good sandwich. Random fact: 9 out of 10 times when I'm going out for lunch, I order a tuna salad sandwich. I guess I feel like it's my purpose in the world to try every single tuna salad sandwich out there.

ANYWAY, Belgium/Brussels definitely has some of the greatest sandwiches ever. They take their lunch serious. No matter where I got my lunch, the bread and whatever was on it was always super duper fresh

A little tea break after our visit to the Museum of the Far East!
Whenever I'm abroad I usually refuse to have tea at the nearest Starbucks or whatever (unless I really really need tea and there's nothing else). It's so much more fun to explore all the cute little (specialized) cafes in such a big city. This was one of them. It was a little tea shop with a big assortment of tea! (unfortunately I don't remember the name anymore T.T)

They also had a cute little area upstairs where you could sip your tea in a comfy chair and read a book!
My mom felt right at home
'Paint me like one of your models'
We had what I think was called 'Blue Buddha' tea. It was a very flowery and soft green tea that smelled and tasted abslutely delicious!

After tea, we decided to head into town and just browse around some shops, maybe do some shopping. But really, one of the most exciting parts about that was coming across this Barbie candy cake in a shop display.

We also came across Waterstones (an english bookstore) and I'll never pass up browsing around a bookstore for a little bit c:
I need to frame this shopping bag.
In the end, I got two new books by John Green I still really wanted to read. I'm reading 'An abundance of Katherines' right now and love it s far! It also makes for a nice break of 1Q84.

And that was for our last day in Brussels! We barely made it back to the hostel after a lot of walking... The next day we set off the Ghent...!
more tea!
But I'll blog about that next time :)

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