Sunday, July 28, 2013

Current Loves: girls, girls, girls and dancing.

Good morning! Or evening, afternoon, wherever you might be! I wanted to have a quick break in between the Roadtrip posts to share some of my current favorite things with you. Because, well, I'm just feeling more like doing that today. It's Sunday and I'm bored sitting here waiting for my hair to be done and craving a chocolate chip muffin yet refusing to leave the house today. I actually went to get one yesterday and then forgot my wallet... I cursed, had to put the (last!) muffin back and go back home empty handed.

Not a good day. Not good at all.
Okay, on to the positive stuff now...!

Sex and the City
Can I have your wardrobe please, Carrie?
I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but I'm obsessed with Sex and the City right now. I'm half way season 4. I just randomly watched it on tv once out of boredome and was hooked straight away. It's funny, honest, relatable and the fashion in it (of Carrie especially) is awesome. I guess it's also a nice show to watch while I wait for new Girls episodes!

24 important pieces of life wisdom from the ladies of 'Girl Code'
I've never heard of or watched MTV's show Girl Code before, but this sure is some damn good (and funny!) advice. I believe this is the kind of stuff we should teach kids in school!

Dance tutorial videos on youtube
I'm not a dancer, and I don't think I ever will be. Yet, whenever I'm bored these days I just look up a dance tutorial on youtube and dance around like an elephant on rollerskates! Maybe if I keep going at it I'll look like a... gazelle on rollerskates someday.

Alkaline Trio's My Shame Is True LP in PINK
In this picture are two of my favorite things ever. Alkaline Trio AND hot pink. *faints* It's amazing. I wish I could get it but 1. I really really really have to save money and 2. I don't own a record player. But it's still amazing. Only about two more weeks until the concert!! Eeeep!

Lauren and Derek's episode on Catfish
I love the show Catfish, and this must've been one of my favorite episodes yet. I screamed, I cried, I laughed and I awwwwwed. USA readers can watch the episode here, and if you don't live there you can find a free stream here! Just go watch it, you won't regret it.

Obviously, I like the things I like on Pinterest. I just never really looked at my likes until just now and I think it's funny how clearly it shows who I am, what my interests are, what kind of person I might be. It's like the world in my head, the one I want to live in, shown in pictures on a screen.

Bird of Paradise Eyecandy at Rookie

Totally Biased: NYC Women Talk Cat Calling

A little bit more feminism for you! More stuff that should be shown to kids in school.

Hope you'll have a lovely, relaxing Sunday! I'm going chocolate chip muffin hunting again.

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