Friday, July 12, 2013

Photo diary of my Thursday!

Thursday was quite an eventful day! I had to get some last things for my trip and pack my bag. I received and sent surprise fun mail, had to clean my entire room, sort through all the piles of various stuff that had built up in the past few months of school stress and had to sort through an entire drawer of light bulbs to figure out which ones were still working. Only one worked.

It was chilly enough to rock my new bat sweater, hooray!

When grocery shopping, my eye caught a new flavor of green tea in a very appealing pink box. It's absolutely delicious and is my favorite tea at the moment 

All tea tastes better in a cute cup!

When I came back from food shopping, I found a surprise package, for me! I love surprises like this! It was an amazing cook book sent to me by my sister.

It's amazing. I never thought I could relate to a cookbook so much. As you can see, the main author is Gwyneth Paltrow. I never knew much about her until I saw her in Country Strong (I have a weakness for country, don't judge me.) and thought she was awesome. And now I think she's even more awesome.

It's all about healthy, clean food that (probably) tastes amazing and will make you look good and feel great! I'm in love with the whole mindset behind it. About just taking it step by step, try the best you can to live a healthier life style. To not beat yourself up when you cheap for a day (or two). That you should love what you eat and be concious of what goes into your body. I can't wait to try out these recipes during the summer (and after it, of course).


After browsing through the book with a cup of delicious tea, it was time for packing! I'm the worst at packing. I always pack too much, always forget either my toothbrush or my pajamas and just kind of throw everything in the bag without thinking. At least I already got my essentials ready...

I also decided to clean my room before I'd leave, which was very much needed. I have yet to find a place for all this cute packaging. It's way too cute and inspiring to me to throw away or stash in a box somewhere...

For dinner I had bagged soup, again. I've been craving soup lately. Tomato, paprika or this creamy chicken soup. I'd make it myself but... I have no excuse. I just couldn't be bothered. With my new book I'll be cooking things myself again soon enough n.n

And that was it! Today I'm leaving for the Ardennes! I'll probably still be blogging there, maybe not. We'll see. Hope you will have a great weekend!

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