Thursday, July 11, 2013

A Day in Asia: HUGE post with art, food and cuteness!

Hi there! Yesterday I felt like I was in a different city, like I was somewhere far faaaar away. But in reality, I was only a 20 minute walk away from my house. Let me tell you how this happened!

First, I decided I wanted to visit the World of Manga exhibition! So I walked there. This museum is always one of my favorites to walk to. The gorgeous trees and houses (and vintage cars!) I walk by always amaze me. Once I got there, the nice lady who got me my ticket complimented me on my hair n.n

I didn't take any pictures because I forgot to take my camera out of my bag x.x The exhibition itself was a little less exciting as I thought it would be. It was super interesting though to learn about all the various gods/demons/history that have influenced manga from the very beginning. It all started very dark on the first floor, and the second floor was all pink and dreamy!

My favorite part was the last part, focussing on anime. They had a space with 4 big screens that showed parts of the anime Wolf Children, with piano music playing in the background and a round couch in the middle. It was so beautiful and relaxing, I could've sat there all day. The scenery in the movie looked breathtaking and I definitely want to watch it sometime soon now!

In less than an hour I stood outside again, proud of myself I didn't buy anything at the shop (I was drooling over some adorable Hello Kitty x Momiji dolls..). I also found out there was going to be a new Future Pass exhibition in February 2014!! I hope it'll be around for some time, since I probably won't be here then. But omg I'm so excited! The last Future Pass exhibition was one of my favorite art exhibitions EVER.

I didn't feel like going home yet and was craving more Asian inspiration! So I headed to the Chinatown side of town! There I finally got to visit two of my favorite 'kawaii' shops, the 'Gift Shop' and it's slightly more expensive sister Wah Kiu. At Wah Kiu they had the greatest gigantic Chococat Plush EVER. I cried a little inside when I saw it was 114 euros... Someday chococat, someday...
They also had some REALLY cute tea and Wah Kiu. I snatched a folder of it so I could at least look at the pretty artwork a little longer and read a bit more about it. It looks so cool (or should I say hot?) and delicious. I definitely want to get some sometime soon!
All the different packaging!
Probably the prettiest blooming tea. Want!
This tea makes your eyebrows super long??
Then I came across an Asian supermarket I hadn't been in before, so naturally, I dived right in! I went straight to the snacks and candy section and almost died Cx they had a lot of cute goodness I hadn't seen in any other stores before! I only took a small selection with me since I knew I'd end up eating it all in a day. Walking there, hearing everyone talk in languages I couldn't understand really made me feel like I was in a local supermarket somewhere in Asia for a little bit.
Cuteness in a bag!
Then I was hungry and my feet were tired so I walked back home, to nom on all the cute snacks! The Double Pretz with Strawberry Cake flavor were my #1 favorite. DELICIOUS. The Pooh bear biscuits with creamy lemon filling were super yummy too though.

Greatest sticks ever. Ignore my horrible nails...
Soooooo adorable.
Pooh bear shaped biscuits c:
Kawaii Mickey!
Holographic tape *__*
These weren't that delicious, but I only got them for the cute tin anyway n.n
Oh and I got a new Hello Kitty figurine to add to my collection! I hadn't gotten a surprise egg in ages, and I was happy I didn't have this one yet.
Tiny Kitty
And since we're on the subject of Asia/Japan anyway, yesterday I got some awesome stuff at Zara! They had a sale, and I still had a giftcard lying around (score!) and they had some amazing Asia inspired shirts. I got a Tokyo crop top and the greatest bat print sweater ever. Honestly, my heart skipped a beat when I saw that sweater. It's perfect. Also got a striped bodycon dress at H&M for cheaps, some knee socks and delicious smelling bodybutter with grapefruit and lemon!

Wow, that was one long post, but I just felt like sharing LOTS of fun and cute stuff with you today. Just remember that just because you might not have to money/time to travel far, doesn't mean you can't have any fun! When you look carefully, your dream holiday/fun vacation spots might just be around the corner. Go explore! That being sad, I shall now leave you with this delicious coconut pudding with mango sauce.

Hope everyone is having a great week/summer so far!

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