Saturday, August 3, 2013

Belgium Roadtrip Summer 2013: PART 7

Hi there! Sorry about the sudden absence. My only excuse is... VACATION. There's just so much happening and going on and there's just no logic at all in how my days are going, which I consider to be a good thing for now n.n It does mean that I'm having trouble to really sit down and blog, but here I am! Are you excited!? This will be my final post about my Belgium Roadtrip!

Our last stop was Antwerp. We weren't sure if we'd go here since we were soooo tired already from the last two cities, but then thought WHAT THE HELL and just went for it. We only lasted one day, but it was fun nonetheless c: It was so hot that we ended up visiting the MOMU, the fashion musuem of Antwerp.
There was an exhibition going on about fabrics! Loved the design of the flyer.
The main focus of the exhibition was showcasing the many, many different fabrics that are out there. There were tons of books with pieces of fabrics in them. It was so pretty and inspiring...

I'm not exactly sure what this table setting was doing here...

The florals were my favorite! I don't think there was even one fabric I didn't like.

Pink pink pink!

This was so pretty! They constantly projected different patterns on the mannequins. Made my wish I had clothes that could change patterns whenever I wanted..
Here they showed the process of screen printing fabrics. It's amazing how much work goes into this. I honestly had no idea.

It wasn't a big exhibition but definitely worth a visit. I loved every bit of it. 

Soon enough we headed back to our hostel. This one looked pretty crazy. I can only imagine how much time must've gone into painting all those bricks individually lol.

We only stayed here one night and headed back home the next day in the early morning! It felt so weird yet so amazing to be back at my own little home sweet home again. I stayed home for a week and then got back on the road again, visiting family. The weather is still crazy hot after some rainy days so I'm just... cycling around, wearing flower crowns, swimming in the sea, having beach picnics and eating lots of strawberries and watermelons. Hope you're having some wonderful days too ^.^

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