Friday, August 9, 2013

Current Loves: summer edition ♥

Only a few more weeks of summer left, and I'm SO ready for it. I'm trying to enjoy summer while it lasts though, but to be honest, I'm still not a summer person. I'd much rather stay pale and wrapped up in a sweater than lay around in the sun in a bikini (and get a massive sunburn). 

For now I will share some of my summer loves of the moment!
♥ The smell of my new make-up brush cleanser ♥ blinging out my phone!  hydrangeas ♥ watermelon  cooking yummy summer dishes  little girls being mesmerized by my hair  trying to make macarons for the first time (and failing miserably lol) ♥ spontaneous photoshoots  trying out lipsticks with my mom  caramel ice cream ♥ 
♥ buying ALL the pink things ♥ playing the Kitty Kawaii game on my phone  banana green tea  people on postcrossing saying they absolutely love their postcard ♥ seeing the CUTEST puppies in town  cuddling with the CUTEST kitty in a gift shop  
♥ massive lightning and thunder storms ♥ seeing giant pumpkins in somebody's garden (FALL! HALLOWEEN!) ♥ dipping strawberries in berry balsamic (and eating them, obviously) ♥ late evening runs  watching Sex and the City after a looong day  picnics at the beach ♥ new Catfish episodes  swimming in the sea ♥ pink flowercrowns 
Be sure to smile, drink your tea and count your blessings today! n.n 

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