Sunday, September 29, 2013

♥ Sunday's Little Things ♥

Little things that make me happy right now...
Changing up my iPhone backgrounds, adding back on some pearls that have fallen off and then suddenly seeing how pretty this all looks together n.n
Buying a little present for myself (at Claire's)
chai tea weather, giant oatmeal raisin cookies and finding chestnuts EVERYWHERE
(and the word 'chestnut' in general)
Walks in the park!
Buying a new watercolour sketchblock and brushes and squeezing in fun little paintings whenever I can (more later!!)
Mirror selfies! Because, why not?
And... this Black Long Sleeve Ghost Pattern Knit Sweater  a dog swimming in the pond  (watching videos of) baby bats ♥ a good phonecall with my sister  watching Hocus Pocus  Nature documentaries with David Attenborough. That man helps me sleep. Seriously. ♥ Getting shit done.

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