Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pears, Pin-up Girls and Pink Packages!

GUESS WHAT!? This morning I became an auntie for the 7th time! My brother and his wife got a super cute baby boy n.n can't wait to see him this Saturday! Other than that it's just schoolschoolschool. I'm so tired. I don't even know how I can find the energy to make this blogpost. Maybe it's because it keeps me from having to do homework T.T

I'm getting back into my usual 'sketchbook routine' though! Sticking in pictures/glitter/tape, random sketching, painting. I tend to do this late at night in my pj's with loud music in my ears.
Random pictures and sketches!
Pretty paint colors! I never want to throw these sheets away. I even like to reuse them in my work c: 
Nomnom home made deliciousness: cinnamon & honey pear in puff pastry! Perfect fall treat.
Yesterday I also received a super cute pink surprise package from my old classmate Thao! She sent me some Hello Kitty and some other little goodies. So sweet! Thank you so much c: It made my day!
Kitty overload *__*
Packages covered in stickers are the greatest.
And finally, some more school work I feel like sharing! These are some sketches for a mural. I had to design the letter 'L'. I really wanted to do the pin-up girl, but it wasn't the right shape and the girl next to me had a girl figure too so now I'm gonna go with the sushi! Still want to use her for something else though n.n

And I finally finished everything for my businesscards! Well, they still need to be professionally printed, but I've decided how I want them now. We also had to design letter paper, envelopes and something extra. I went for buttons, because, BUTTONS!
Pink and purple galore!
The cards come in a little bag with a buttons and a cute matching ribbon!
Keeping her eyes on you...
Tis my name!
Phew. That was a lot of random stuff in one post, but I hope you enjoyed it. The weekend is almost here! Hope yours will be filled with lots of fun, chocolate and baby pandas.

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