Thursday, November 7, 2013

Lollipop Planets and a colorful Addams Family.

I'm being quite a terrible blogger, and I apologize for that. Here is a tiny little art update for you guys though! This morning we had to do a last minute mural with silver markers around the theme 'The Sky's the Limit'. I made a Lollipop Planet. Obviously. Here's a picture of the progress...
Another last minute assignment I had to work on was a mascot for a bookstore. I suck at character design, so I just re-used one of my old characters.

It's not super duper amazing, but it's still a flying fox with cat eye glasses that can read. So that's good enough for me. Also, totally off topic but totally awesome: I came across this  picture of the Addams Family set in color
How cool is that!? I would go live there in a heartbeat.

I hope you all started November off well! Don't let the early darkness get you down. Lots of love.

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