Saturday, November 30, 2013

Random update with tea and cats.♥

You guys! It's already December! Can you believe it? Because I can't. So many things going on every day, it's crazy. Today I am the master of procrastination. I should we working on this research thing right now, but instead I blog, eat, shop and spend time with my iPhone. Because ummm... there's a christmas version of the Kitty Kawaii Game and it has to be played. Anyway, here are some pictures I snapped over the past few days :)

I changed up my usual morning green tea with a new one: Clipper Tea Zen Again. The packaging makes me smile every morning, and it tastes amazing

Last Saturday I went to The Flatliners concert! It was in an awesome tiny venue with a lot of people going nuts. They were awesome live and I got a pretty t-shirt n.n
Last Thursday we finally finished the mural I showed you in my last post! I absolutely love how it turned out. We hid some characters in there like Wally/Waldo, Stewie Griffin, Miley Cyrus, Harry Potter, this dude from One Direction, Voldemort and ourselves of course.
Here in the Netherlands, it's Sinterklaas time right now. It's like a dutch christmas. It means baking/eating kruidnoten and presents! Yesterday I celebrated it with some friends by exchanging gifts, eating baked goods, watching movies and eating take-out on the couch. 
My presents were the cute erasers and mini cupcake xmas cups below, a bunny iphone cover, red ribbon and some pink touchscreen gloves!
Like I said, today was procrastination day so instead of doing homework I went sweater shopping. Because I obviously need winter gear when I will be in Canada in freakin December. I got this awesome, super warm leopard print sweater at H&M. I also couldn't pass up this adorable cat purse.. MEOW.

Less than 4 weeks until the holidays and until my big trip! I'm sorry I keep bringing it up.. I'm just way too excited :) I hope you are all doing well and are getting into the christmas spirit already n.n

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