Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cats can say hi.

Hello lovelies! I'm still in Canada and it's still cold and snowy. Right now I'm sitting here with a showercap on my head waiting for my hairdye to be done :) Live has been pretty 'slow' lately, which makes sense since I'm basically re-starting my life! I'm already pretty used to everything, but I still feel like everything is settling and we've got plenty of things to take care of before things can start picking up again. I still freak out every once in a while when I start thinking about everything that could go wrong. What if I still got to go back home in the end? What if things aren't as simple and easy as we think they are? etc. etc. Things aren't so slow that I have a lot of time to worry about all that though. So far everything is going great! Here are some random shots of the past few days...

I've been using my mini instax polaroid camera a lot since I got here so we had a bunch of polaroids just lying around. I decided to do something with them and made this cute heart on our wall!

My latest obsession: gel manicures! It lasts for up to 3 weeks (even longer if they didn't grow out) and makes your nails super strong. It's the greatest thing ever. I never got my nails done 'professionally' before, but yesterday I went for a second time and now I'm officially hooked haha

I do try to keep up with drawing/painting/being creative even though I'm not in school right now. Sucks that so many of my supplies are still at home in Rotterdam.. just got to start hoarding here n.n
Zorro the cat loves to help me

Skype is my (and probably everyone else's) hero when it comes to long distance calls! I love skyping with my family back home every once in a while and see their faces :) and my mom enjoys taking pictures of me when we do lol. The cat here even got to say hi to my own cat thousands of miles away!

And obviously, this is a shot from today. My favorite part of dyeing my hair is definitely mixing the colors. It's like a mix of art and cooking! I always want to eat it.. somebody make edible hair dye please..

Now it's time to get this dye out of my hair and watch new Regular Show and Shameless episodes. Hope you're having a wonderful week so far!

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