Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Cupcakes and Canada!

WARNING: lots of cake and other sugary sweetness was involved in the making of this post.

Hello again! Yet another update from yours truly. These will mainly be pictures of my first (and last, more about that later) few days in Baltimore... The first week of classes was quite... intense. It was really different from what I'm used to. Lots of strict rules and expensive supplies that you MUST buy.

View from one of the classrooms...
And the view from our little kitchen...
My birthday (January 24th) just kinda... went by. I don't even feel 22 now haha! Despite all the birthday wishes and sweet presents from my friend it was pretty much just another day. This was my birthday cake: a very, very dry and overly sweet chocolate cake from the school cafeteria :P
The next day we went over to Target for some shopping.Valentine's Day products are EVERYWHERE right now and it's all so cute! Loving all the lovey dovey themed baked goods!
Spongebob was creeping... hehe
Talking about Valentine's Day sweets... I forgot to share these pictures I took in Canada! So much Valentine's Day themed candy! SUGAR!!

Back to Baltimore... There was a cupcake shop called oooh So Sweet which we definitely wanted to pay a visit! How cute does this look? All that pink! All those cupcakes!
We decided on a Pink Velvet and Pink Coconut cupcake! They were really good and, obviously, very sweet. Sometimes you have to indulge ;)
And then I was back at the airport. What!? Yes. I tried staying in Baltimore for two weeks, but despite all the sweet people and cupcakes and everything, I just wasn't happy and my heart wasn't in it at all anymore. I just felt like it would be a waste of time and money staying there.

So I decided to go back to Toronto to be with my boyfriend and start our life together. We'll have to take care of a lot of things, and it's going to take time, but I'm planning on staying here and eventually go back to art school here. Things happen and plans change :) It definitely feels like home here and I don't want to be anywhere else right now 

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