Monday, March 24, 2014

♥ Current Loves: Super Kid and Pink Hotels ♥

I feel like every post of mine lately is about things I love/am excited for, but I don't care (I love it)! I like to document my life, and how I usually do that in my regular journal is by making lists like these and write about them a bit more in detail. Sometimes I can barely get three (my minimum) on that list, and sometimes I simply can't stop! I think it's good to write down things that make you happy, because you tend to forget about them so easily.For some reason the sometimes sucky times in life overshadow the nice things in no time (for me anyway). I think it's important to keep counting your blessings every day and find beauty in the little things. How about you write down the things that make you happy and/or you're thankful for right now?

Things that make me happy right now...

The fact that we just had the first day of spring! (let's just forget about the fact we got snow right after)
Finally I sat down and gave my blog a much needed make over! I needed something cleaner, simpler and lighter. Do you like? Because I do! The one thing I like about Spring is that you get to break out of that dark, stuffy hibernation mode and freshen everything up!
Finally getting to touch up my roots and have fresh, shiny pink hair again
Finding the most amazing ice cream at Laura Secord (Super Kid and Bubblegum Swirl, with actual bubblegum pieces)
the fact we still had another tub of said ice cream in the freezer the next day. Omnomnom
Preparing dinner together
Getting to contribute to my boyfriend's Bioshock Songbird statue that he's been wanting to get for ages
Cleaning and tidying up our living space
These tarot cards designed by Aya Takano
baby being born! And getting to hold such a cute little boy in your arms
♥ Drinking hot water with fresh lemon
Blogilates' best stretches for chilling out
The Grand Budapest Hotel! We went to see it last night and it was amazing. Beautiful sets, great actors (especially 'Voldemort' hehe) and lots of laughs. Wes Anderson (The Royal Tenenbaums, Moonrise Kingdom) does it again!
Starting to work on my new project: a Bioshock tattoo sleeve 
Getting tickets for Amnesia Rock Fest and The Mad Caddies!
Planning cute little surprises
Drinking tea together on a Sunday morning
Sweet emails and conversations with my family back in the Netherlands
Playing around with the PhotoWonder app

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