Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Spring To-Do List!

We've had two sunny, above zero degrees celcius days in a row! Hooray! It instantly put me in an even better mood and motivates me to do things. So I hereby present you...

My spring to-do-list:
Things I want to do: start doing yoga, eat lots of fruit, buy/grow spring flowers, find the perfect spring tea, go out for drinks and/or ice cream and hang out outside, swing on a swing, go for walks (preferably hand in hand :) ), start running again, practice pin-up style hair updo's for the opcoming hot weather, clean out my bookmarks/back-up computer/etc.
My wishlist: a cute off the shoulder dress, hair flowers, a (pink) camera, lipstick and a nice new perfume that's perfect for warmer weather (any recommendations?)
Spring Wishlist

Clothes/accessories I can't wait to dig out of my closet again: my light leopard print coat, high waisted jean shorts, magenta ballet flats, pink heart shaped sunnies, my hot pink Hello Kitty Loungefly purse, knee high socks (without tights underneath, finally!) 
Books I want to read: The Art of the Teese by Dita von Teese and anything else that is easy to read. Do you know any books I MUST read?
Some things I want to cook: lots of quinoa salad, homemade pizza with lots of fresh toppings (peppers, arugula, tomatoes nomnomnom), Orange Creamsicle French Toast 
On my to-bake list for this spring are: oatmeal lemon creme bars (probably will make these for easter! They're a big hit every time I make them), strawberry cheesecake, Coca-Cola Cupcakes with Salted Peanut Butter Frosting 
What I'll drink: lemon/mint/cucumber water, floral green tea, fresh mint tea, Blogilates Detox water for Craving Control and Beautiful Skin & iced green tea!
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Now pleasepleaseplease don't let there be any more snow...

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