Saturday, October 17, 2015

Personal Update: We Moved!

Hi everyone! I feel like I keep having to apologize for my absence, but life simple just keeps happening. The past few months have been pretty stressful for me. I've moved twice in the past two months (which I will talk about in a little bit) and have been busy with lots of different things which also kinda screwed up my daily routine. Because of that I don't manage to get a lot done on a daily basis which is frustrating sometimes..

For the month of september me and my boyfriend have been living at a friend's place until we could move into the new house. And now we're finally here! It was a lot of work but I'm really pleased with the new place. It feels so good that we got rid of tons of old stuff, got some new things and everything is just fresh and clean. I'm also having a lot of fun decorating the place :) nothing too fancy, but some cute candles (the previous owners left a huge box of colourful scented candles!!), fake flowers or throw pillows can make a huge difference. I also love the colours that are on the walls. They're all very warm and calming and instantly made our rooms a lot cozier.
Kinda obsessed with our new bedding!

Does it mean I'm becoming a grown up now that I care about throw pillows and wall colours?? I feel a little silly talking about this stuff :P but yeah anyway, now that everything is set it's perfect to hang out and sip a cup of mulled apple tea (my latest obsession) while fall-winter storms are coming in!
Zorro is als very happy that we're not moving around anymore..

There's also a lot of animals walking around here! We already got a visit from a racoon and a possum! I had never seen a possum so up close before.. they're kind of creepy to be honest.., I'm also very happy that we're now walking distance from all kinds of stores. Now the grocery store, book shop and craft supplies are only a 5 minute walk away!

Kind of off topic but still super important.. we went to a sushi restaurant the other day for a friend's birthday and omg.. I don't think I ever ate this much japanese food in my life. It was super delicious, I ate copious amounts of edamame (my weakness.. omnomnom) and caught a piece of zucchini with my mouth which the chef threw at me hehe :P

In the end this move was a good thing, even though it completely stressed me out at first. And what's also great is that it´s always warm here. We already had our first tiny snow storm here in Canada so a warm room is definitely a must!

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