Monday, October 19, 2015

The Little Things: Hello Kitty and Halloween!

It's been a while, but it's finally time again for an appreciation post! Everytime I do these I realize I take way less pictures than I used to. I should get on that because it's nice to look back at pictures from a few years ago, even if they're just of random stuff!

finding a whole box filled with colourful scented candles  spotting possums and racoons in the backyard  new episodes of American Horry Story  sushi dinner with friends  new bedding Catfish marathon   receiving the cutest Hello Kitty figurine that looks like me  

mulled apple tea in a new mug  beating my phone anxiety  Halloween stuff everywhere!  Playing Lego Batman 3 with the boyfriend  pumpkin pie! winning new lingerie (review coming soon!)  The new book in the Miss Peregrine series: Library of Souls (and getting it on the day it came out :)) The new Coheed and Cambria album (and anxiously waiting for the vinyl to come in)  being busy with illustration jobs (binge) watching Glee for the first time (where have you been all my life??) finally finishing up immigration papers giving my blog banner a little makeover working on my anniversary present and buying little things for it (and picking up some small halloween things for myself on the way hehe) 

going to a videogame/comic convention and admiring all the rare games and comic books  record shopping with a recently won gift card! One of them is 'Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge' by My Chemical Romance.. be still my teenage emo heart! complimenting my favourite online ladies  seeing the big Toronto sign for the first time  This post by Cazz (Nerd Burger) on being 30. Or basically on becoming an adult and still having pink hair, reading comics and dressing like a 10 year old. Some people might criticize you or not take you seriously, but what counts is that you are happy with your life and decision. What anyone else thinks of you is none of your business. 

Have a great day and don´t forget to take a moment and appreciate the little things in your life. :)

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