Tuesday, November 17, 2015

First Impression: Sally Hansen Double Duty & Insta Dri

I recently ran out of my favourite base/top coat so it was time to get a new one! Unfortunately they didn't carry my regular one anymore so I had to find a replacement. After looking up a bunch of reviews on all the different ones they had, I decided to go with Sally Hansen Double Duty. It's both a base and top coat and it's supposed to give a shiny finish, dry fast and strengthen your nails. Sounds good to me! I also picked up the Sally Hansen Insta Dri in the colour 'Mauve It' because it was on sale and I still wanted a nice nude colour.

I started with just regularly cleaning, shaping and buffing my nails. Then started with a base coat of Double Duty. I really liked the consistency and brush and it did dry pretty fast! Please don't mind my cuticles.. they look horrible now that it's getting colder..
Once the polish was fully dry I applied a thin coat of the Insta Dri. The brush held a lot of product and sometimes I got way too much on my nails. BUT I only needed one layer for it to be completely opaque and once again, it dried super fast! I then finished it off with a top coat of Double Duty and some cuticle oil for my poor nails.

All in all, I'm very pleased with these polishes! I adore the colour and I've had no problems with chipping or 'bubbling' like I saw some people did. My only problem would be that with light colours like this one, my pink hair deposits colour in it and causes streaky pink lines on my nails. But I guess that's just a pink haired girl problem ;D

I got the Double Duty for $9,99 CAD and the Insta Dri for $4,99 CAD (on sale) at Shoppers Drugmart.

What's your favourite nail polish right now?

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