Friday, January 22, 2016

Review: Kawaii Box!

Back in December I woke up to an email from the lovely Twinkie Chan telling me I had won her Kawaii Box giveaway! I was super exited, sent her my info right away and a month later right before my birthday (which is this Sunday!) I got my box of goodies in the mail :) what a great early birthday present! Kawaii Box is a monthly kawaii subscription box with items from Japan and Korea with 10 to 12 handpicked super cute items every month. Now let's see what was in this month's box...

The moment I opened the box I already couldn't stop squealing. So much cuteness! I really like how they have custom shipping boxes and tissue paper and a cute Thank You card with the box's contents on it (which I didn't read because I wanted everything to be a surprise)

The first thing I thought was love at first sight.. nail things! You guys know I love my nails, and I've been putting more effort into them lately. Unfortunately over the past few days I broke five nails which bummed me out because I wanted them to look nice for my birthday... But now I have these adorable fake nails!! Normally my nails would be way too long to wear these, but for once they're short now so I can actually try them! I will definitely share pictures once I do. I also adore the cat nail clippers and nail stickers.

Next were these food items. I'm really not sure if these noodles will taste like noodles or candy, because the card says 'Candy DIY kit'. Should be interesting... Also how delicious does the waffle squishy look? Unfortunately it got a bit damaged during its journey here (did they try to eat some of the 'chocolate' at customs??)

Stationery!! You can't go wrong with that. This owl notebook reminds me of the owls on my make up bag. The dog pen is kinda weird in a cute way and I can never resist a nice roll of washi tape :)

Some sweet goodies! This coin purse is definitely one of my favourite items. I'm the 'coin lady'. Any coins my boyfriend gets he gives to me, resulting in my wallet getting really fat. Now I can put them in here! The lollipop is a little towel which I will probably never use because it looks so stinkin' cute.

And last but certainly not least... THESE STICKERS! Chubby animals and food? Chubby animal food? Pandas? Eeep! These are seriously the cutest. I just want to frame this sticker sheet and hang it on my wall. This is the kind of stuff I live for.

All in all I LOVE my Kawaii Box! Mystery boxes can be hit or miss and sometimes you get stuck with a bunch of stuff you'll never use or give away, but I can honestly say I will probably use 90% of this box (10% being the lollipop which will just go and look cute somewhere). Thank you so much to Twinkie Chan and Kawaii Box for letting me try out this box. I highly recommend getting one at least once, or sending it to a friend as a gift! Prices start at only $17,30 and shipping is free!

Oh and the Kawaii Box is cat approved.

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