Monday, February 8, 2016

Art Update: Book Love and Retro Pretties

I made a new banner for my blog! I really like how it came out and I think it'll stay like this for a while. My previous one was a little too unpersonal for my taste and I feel like this one fits me a lot better! I figured with a new blog banner I might as well share some of my other latest artsy creations with you all. I feel like I`m starting to get better and better at incorporating things I love and that inspire me into my work.

The flamingo pattern is my personal favourite! It instantly puts me in a summery mood and makes me dream of sipping a strawberry milkshake in a polka dot bikini by the pool. Ever since the new year started I`ve felt a surge of new creative energy! Every day I look at blogs from other talented ladies and it just pushes me a bit more every day. Happy Monday!!


  1. Wow these are sweet prints! I love the flamingo one too, I would definitely wear this!! Also I LOVE your new header, it is just perfect!