Saturday, April 30, 2016

Art Update: Pyrex Pretties & some magic.

Recently I got the always exciting email from Redbubble that a design of mine got featured on their frontpage again! This is my 3rd 'Found' feature and it's always great because it helps immensely with getting some more exposure for my little shop. Anyway, I've added some new designs since my last update and I thought I'd share them with you!
This is the work that got featured. I've been super inspired by Pyrex and other vintage homeware and decor lately. Cups, tables, chairs.. you name it! I've been pinning like crazy on Pinterest.

My boyfriend and I have been rewatching Harry Potter again and it inspired my to make some potterhead artwork. They're available on a bunch of products, but I think they're the cutest on cups :)

I love Bobby Pins. They keep my hair in place AND make for a great pattern! This was just a quick design a threw together when I just bought a bunch of them after loosing yet again half of what I owned.

I love puns and using them in my work and always looking for new ones to work with. When I thought of this one I knew right away it needed to happen! I bring you your new staple piece: the tea shirt!
And last but not least... Panda Snacks! This is kind of like stuff I used to make a few years ago. Lots of kawaii and cuteness. Sometimes it's nice to go back to that. I love pandas, I love food.. I made this more for myself than other people. I think the sushi panda's are my favourite!

In the next few weeks I have some freelance work coming up that I unfortunately probably won't be able to share, but either way I'm happy that I get to work together with other people and work on fun projects with them :) Sometimes I need projects like this to motivate me again and really focus on something and get inspired by other people's ideas and inspiration. 


    If you do thank you a lot! I love your blog and I will be really proud if you'd do that for me
    The first one is mine the second one is my BFF's
    Thank You xoxo Someone who loves your blog)

  2. BTW ILOVE the "tea shirt" thingy