Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thursday smells of banana chips!

I love having 'in between' days off! Because that (usually) means for me I get to stay in my cosy home and yet I'm still productive because I know I still have one or two more days of school! I started the day off by making some banana chips (which I don't do often as it takes soooo long..)
To me this looks very tasty.
Then I DID have to go out because I still had to get my niece a present for her birthday (shopping for my little nieces is one of my favorite activities!) I got her a super cute french coloring book, because we usually color together whenever I get to see her. Oh how I'd love to color this one with her c:
I also got her some cute little stickers. Look at that sleepy guinea pig with the berret!
Before I went out I promised I wouldn't buy anything for myself, but I just couldn't resist these cute washi tapes and those nail polishes (they're called Cotton Candy and Lavender Cupcake <3)

Yesterday I took myself out to the movies to see The Hunger Games! I thought it was pretty good, though they did change up some things I didn't think was necessary and rushed through some of my favorite parts. It still was pretty much like I pictured everything in my head though! It did made me realize I would fit right in with the people from the Capitol. I wouldn't mind going for a (slightly less over the top) Effie Trinket style sometime though!
Have a great Thursday!


  1. I want that coloring book! And those stickers!
    ... Also that nail polish.
    Just all of it. I love all of it.
    I need to go see the Hunger Games. Hopefully I will soon.

  2. @Grace It's all too cute isn't it!? It'll be hard giving them to my niece Cx