Sunday, October 28, 2012

art and ice cream

I am loving the cold weather! As long as you're dressed to it that is. And what do I do when it's cold? Eat ice cream of course! Well... not that I had been craving ice cream, but I had been wanting to try green tea ice cream for so long I just HAD to take it with me when I saw it.
It tasted almost exactly like I imagined it would (green tea, obviously) it wasn't super duper special and I think I'll always just prefer it as tea (except for green tea macha lattes!). But it was nice and creamy and a fun treat for while I was working on various projects.
One of those projects being a stopmotion booktrailer for The Hunger Games! I'm not too sure yet how it's going to turn out, but I'm glad the whole stopmotion part is done T.T
And also some little personal drawing/painting in my sketchbook! It's always a joy drawing some of PastelBat's outfits n.n or just creating anything pink/purple/sparkly/cutesy!
And that's about all I've been occupied with! Enjoy your Sunday c:


  1. I ADORE the painting! You just can't imagine how much I do, I'm in love now haha maybe it could be because that purple drives me crazy :]


  2. Mochi Ice cream is so so so yummy.
    Also, Pastelbat is so adorable. I love all the different wigs she wears.