Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Swift and Strawberries!

Since I'm feeling more inspired than usual this weekend, here is more artsy stuff n.n
For drawing class we have an '100 portraits' project going on, which means I've got to draw at least 20 portraits every week. I'm keeping up good so far, and it's a great practice! I've even worked on a more detailed portrait of Taylor Swift. It's been ages... I used to draw portraits all the time in high school. It was good to find out I hadn't completely lost my realistic drawing skills.
I starting regretting having picked out Taylor when I started on her hair. I should've gone for a bald person... Lots of tea in kitty cups and vanilla scented candles on pretty heart shaped trays were used during the making of this portrait 
I also made this cute little tamagotchi gif, inspired by the one I posted a couple of days ago. All the gifs I've made kinda come together in this one! SPARKLES. DONUT PLZ.

Gifs like this require lots of kawaii, sugary snacks. Omg those egg rolls with strawberry filling are HEAVEN. I still can't get over it. I ate the entire bag in two days and I have no regrets. And yes, the theme during my grocery shopping trip was pink an strawberry. I think I did a decent job sticking to the theme.
Look at that sugoi happy strawberry! I have yet to taste the lemonade, but I mainly got it for the bottle n.n It's just so cute! Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. Your gifs are super kawaii :3
    And good job on the portrait, I'd be nice to see the rest of the portraits you're making haha :]

  2. Super good portrait skills! I also love all your pink groceries.