Saturday, December 15, 2012

Christmas cheer!

Only 10 more days until Christmas! I recently started a ridicilously pink xmas Pinterest board! I'm dreaming of a pink christmas... It's kitschy and obnoxious and I absolutely love it! Whenever I feel massively depressed by all the busy and stressful days going on right now, I just sit and look at this board for a bit and already feel so much better n.n
I don't have a christmas tree here in my room, let alone a pink one! I don't really see the point investing in one when I probably wont be here during the holidays. I'll just wait until I can enjoy the ones at my parent's homes.

Regardless, my mom still got me some ornaments! And they're the best ornaments ever! Cupcakes and ice cream! Aaaah! She knows me too well. My chandelier is now officially my christmas tree. I just want to hang these somewhere all year round... I bet they'll look amazing on my future pink tree... 
She also got me this super cute kigurumi set. I had been eyeing for ages and apparently my mom magically knew I have been. I can't wait to get started! I've been wanting to get into kigurumi for so long and this will definitely help me to get started n.n
This is what I woke up to the day I went to visit my mom! We havent had awesome snow like this since then. Fingers crossed we will for christmas.
Yes, giving presents is a little messed up over here since we also have our own little holiday called 'Sinterklaas'. Since we don't really celebrate both that and christmas in a very grand way December is just a month in which we give each other cards and presents whenever we feel like it! I finally have all my cards sent and my presents wrapped. Now school just has to be over and I'll be a happy (snow) bunny.


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  2. I love all of the pink! It's like looking into a pink cloud.