Friday, May 31, 2013

Sarah and the Pink Plexiglas Adventures!

Hello from me and a cup of lemonpie tea! Another art related blogpost, yay! Remember Flirty Tiki? The designing stage is over now, and today I finally got to make my plexiglas labels! I was super duper nervous and just really hoped everything would go right the first time without drama or my fingers getting cut off by a laser. Aaaaanndd.. everything went awesome! They turned out even better than I had hoped and I might want to make a gazillion things out of Plexiglas now.
Pretty pretty! They still need some cleaning though ^^"
In my opinion they also make an awesome necklace! Or maybe a keychain. Double score!
oh hai.
Pink and sparkly n.n
I made a whole batch of them, some of which will be attatched to t-shirt I'll be printing somewhere next week. I might sell some of them, or use them as gifts for friends. I'm still so excited! I wish I was super rich and had a super big house so I could have a lasercutter at home, but for now, school will do just fine c: More updates on the shirts etc. probably somewhere later next week!

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