Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Stay Cute & Don't Worry.

For some reason the past couple of days my life has been filled with even more cuteness than usual, and I'm typing this with a Bubblegum facial on my face, watching Katy Perry: Part of Me and painting my nails pink with sparkles. The cuteness must go on!
I get criticized a lot for liking cute stuff, sometimes so much that I start doubting myself and feel stupid. But in the end, cute stuff makes me so happy! And I think people who think being a grown up and being a respectable, serious person means not being able to get excited about kid stuff/cuteness/etc. are missing out on a lot. Don't take life so seriously, seriously. But anyway! At least my mom supports my love for everything cute entirely and she got me these little knick-knacks from a little Asian gift shop she randomly came across. She knows me too well.
Cuties looking like they're up to no good.
Kitties! I actually enjoy Hello Kitties that are a little 'off', like the left one. Dare to be different!
Recently I won a giveaway from Takara Town, and today the package arrived! Any box with Hello Kitty stickers on it can get me excited. And when I opened the box, it had some Japanese newspaper pages in it! This got me excited already, and this was only the packaging.
Strawberry sweetness 
The package contained an adorable re-ment set called 'Merry Strawberry'. This was actually my very first re-ment set, and I think I'm hooked now. I mean, look at that miniature cake, and ice cream..! Jenny was also very sweet and added the little led lamp disguised as a precious cake with bows on it (lower left) because the package got sent a little later. I love it!
The re-ment put together. Isn't it precious?
Thank you Jenny! It really made my day c: Anyone who's interested in the re-ment now too, can find it here. I wish I could collect ALL the re-ments in the world *__* I hope everyone is having a great day!

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  1. Keep on with the cuteness! Same here actually, but in my case I prefer everything that is cute and nostalgic to me n.n