Thursday, September 19, 2013

Art update: heaven or hell?

A little 'art' update again n.n For class we had to design two posters. First we had to pick either heaven or hell. Guess which one I picked! Then we had to make one design depicting a 'cliche' heaven, and a 'personal' heaven. I decided to go for a collage technique and to try and make both designs work well both seperately as well as a whole. Of course my personal heaven had to include pizza angels, John Cusack/Lloyd Dobler, gummy bears and cat unicorns.

Once I got both of them printed, I also added some glitter to the cliche one to make it even more over the top!
This assignment was a lot of fun! It was maybe even more fun to see everyone else's final pieces. I was pretty insecure about my final work, since I'm a noob in photoshop and I felt lazy just putting pictures together. But I got positive feedback! Yay! Hope you enjoyed c:

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