Thursday, September 26, 2013

Small update: business cards and anxiousness.

Hi guys! I've basically been living like a hermit again lately. Working on school. Eating entire bags of chocolate covered hazelnuts. It's not even like we have a massive amount of stuff to do for school. It's just that I feel bad whenever I don't work on school. Or just when I'm not being creative in whatever way. But in return, I don't start feeling well when I'm inside all day (trying) to work either. I just don't know.
Random sketching for illustration class
I also finally handed in everything for my possible exchange with MICA last Monday and now I'll basically be dying all month waiting for their reply. If they don't accept me... I don't know what will happen. I'm not going to shut up about this until I hear from them.

Talking about school.. for a class I had to start designing business cards. And geez, it's SO hard to capture yourself and your work into one teeny tiny card. But I think I'm getting somewhere. I need feedback though! Do you like? Not like? What should I change? What colors are better? I personally like the pink/purple colorway best. Oh and if someone has magic powers to make my handwritten typography look a bit better, please step forward c: Eventually I'd like to update my blog with a design that matches the card, but I'll get on that later..
Front and back of card in two colorways :)
Another design with different typography
Not much else to talk about. I just got to start doing fun stuff again. I'm just scared and anxious about so many things right now. Hope everyone is doing well though :)

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