Thursday, October 10, 2013

Love, Happiness and Sushi on the Wall.

So much stuff going on! I seriously feel like I'm running to the end of the week every day. I can't believe it's Friday already tomorrow. Even though it causes high anxiety and slight freak outs, I atleast don't have to feel useless or lazy or whatever, which is good! Still haven't heard anything from MICA yet though T.T 

Last weekend I did finally get to see my new little baby nephew! He is such a cutie n.n

Lately I hadn't been feeling too awesome and got really grouchy and closed off. Then I decided to make these little positive and inspiring notes and to leave them at random places for others to find. Because it's true: spreading happiness will bring you happiness!

I have no idea if people will even find them, or care, or that they'll just be thrown away. But just the thought that it'll make even one person smile is good enough for me c:

And yes.. ART ART ART. It never stops! But that's good! I'm still working on my personal Halloween paintings that I will probably post somewhere this weekend if I can find the time n.n

Sketching and collaging and lots of cute tapes! Oh, and cat heads.

Today we finally got to do the mural! I'm so happy with my sushi L! It did make me very hungry though... Everyone did such a great job on the letters and I think it looks really awesome!

And finally, a little box I decorated. It's a dutch pastry called a tompouce, and it's delicious. I'll be giving it to a Dutch company I want to do my internship at. In it is my letter with a matching pattern on the back illustrated by me, and my business card + button.

Phew. That was a lot. And another week to go until fall break... Hope you're having a wonderful day!

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